Live in a Student Apartment, Not a Dormitory

Student Apartment Living is a home. It is a place to live and learn. It is an important part of college life that will enhance the classroom experience. After all, students spend a great deal more time in the Apartment than they do anywhere else on campus.

USC Lancaster and Lancer Commons completes an environment where students can learn to interact with people, develop leadership skills, write papers, attend events and programs, make lifelong friends, and build long-lasting memories. Through educational programs and contact with faculty/staff members, residents can greatly enhance their learning experiences at USC Lancaster.


Save Money by Living On-Campus

Your student’s room rental rate is locked in for the entire school year and includes internet service, cable, and utilities. Lancer Commons Housing fees are all inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about additional fees or utility bills. Also, your housing rental rate should be listed on your student account statement and can be covered by certain types of financial aid and scholarships if qualified.

  • You don’t have to pay utilities; they’re included
  • It’s affordable
  • Save money on gas and / or transportation costs


Develop Leadership Skills

Lancer Commons Student Housing is a great environment to develop leadership skills. Research shows that living near campus at USC Lancaster enhanced the following:

  • Diversity awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership abilities
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Conflict Resolution

Furthermore, students who live near-campus are more likely to participate in campus activities, are more involved with student organizations, and hold more leadership roles in student organizations than off-campus students.


Perks of Living at Lancer Commons


  • Within walking distance of: Classes, Faculty / Staff offices, Library, Athletic & Campus events, and Dining
  • Easier to get to class on time! Save time and money; no commuting time, no gasoline expenses.
  • Easy access to sports games because all fields/gyms are nearby
  • Easier to access professors during office hours
  • More opportunities to meet with tutors and study groups
  • Immediate access to campus offices when needed – for example, Registrar, Financial Aid, etc


Access to University Amenities

  • Gregory Health and Wellness Center, Swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts
  • Allocated study space in lounges, computer labs and classrooms


Getting the “Full” College Experience

  • You are provided with more opportunities to get involved
  • Social events for near campus residents
  • The atmosphere provides a sense of community